5 Keys To Victory For Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers

The Philadelphia Eagles improved to 4-5 after shellacking the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. That wasn't the story of the day though. Nick Foles looked like the second coming of Johnny Unitas as he threw for 400 yards and tied a league record with seven touchdown passes.
No one saw that one coming. Many Eagles fans were calling for Foles' head before this game, claiming emphatically that he isn't the quarterback of the future. I'll admit I was one of the detractors. He certainly shut his critics up on Sunday. Foles was pinpoint accurate, moved well in the pocket and found his man on all his throws. It helped that he had solid protection all day, and we saw what type of quarterback he could be when given time in the pocket.
The Eagles now travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers minus Aaron Rodgers. Foles and the Eagles must capitalize on this. Lambeau is no easy place to play as the second-year quarterback will find out, but the Eagles need to see Foles string together consistent showings in Chip Kelly's offense, not one down week and then one monster week. We need to see the real Foles in action.
This is a big opportunity for the Eagles. If they get to 5-5, they go back home potentially sharing first place with the Dallas Cowboys, who go on the road to take on the New Orleans Saints -- a tough task for even the toughest of teams.
Despite their up and down season, the Eagles have a huge opportunity in front of them. It's no doubt a challenge, but they must take advantage of it. Let's take a look at five keys to victory for the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Green Bay Packers.